“So, you are..”


Leo de Wijs is a creative artist from Amsterdam who is generally too damn curious about the ‘why’ of projects to be simply marked as a visualizer, art director, animator, concept artist, illustrator or even graphic designer, even though he does all those specific things with gusto when asked.

Leo started out visualizing at advertising agencies in the early ’00’s, snowballing skills and insight about audience perception, then took a course in animation which he graduated with a master degree. He then started his own business and facilitates on a broad spectrum of projects (from corporate identities to children’s illustration) for an even broader spectrum of clients, proving to be a interesting, resourceful and rewarding party resulting in many long-term relationships.

Starting as a visualizer for a creative ad agency, Leo de Wijs has year of experience in visualizing your creative ideas.

Making sure he can see the idea you want to, but also understanding your stakeholders you will get the right result.

Years of drawing and animations made Leo de Wijs the perfect artist to illustrate your book, visualize characters and lead the complete creative process.

Great understanding of colours and technics, you will get the result you like but most of all, the result childeren will adore.

With a background in animation Leo de Wijs can create small animations to support your brand or event.

However, up for the challenge he delivered a short animation shown on German television before. We would invite you to challenge him..


With years of experience, Leo de Wijs has proven himself as a rather skilled and multi talented creative artist and gathered some very happy and clients over the years. Here’s a selection.

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