I’m a creative based in Amsterdam specialized in conjuring up (mostly) cute and whimsical worlds through my conceptual visualization skills. I like working with(in) teams and believe firmly that 1+1=3 if you create the right circumstances for creativity to flow.

Working on educational- and animation properties for a young audience turned out to be a natural fit, which has become a speciality of mine over the years. I worked on the production design of animated series like ‘Wellie Wishers’ (Mattel s1, ’16-’17), ‘Dr. Panda’ (s1 ’17-’18) and ‘Fox and Hare’ (VPRO s1 ’17-’18) and features like ‘De Tand Des Tijds’ (AVRO/TROS ’18)

I started out visualizing at advertising agencies in 2002, snowballing skills and insight about audience perception, then took a course in animation which he graduated with a master degree in 2007. I subsequently started my own business to facilitate on a broad spectrum of projects (from corporate identities to children’s illustration) for an even broader spectrum of clients, proving to be a interesting, resourceful and rewarding party resulting in many long-term relationships.

My work can be split up in 3 core activities:

Working with small or large teams coordinating between director, producer and designers and 2D/3D artists. Helping create a visual style (or add to it when hired in a later development phase) and philosophy for a production and keep the focus amidst day-to-day production minding the planning and budget.

I get commissioned a lot to do concept art. Searching for a look, style, shape and or colour language. Working out location/set/background designs to really get an idea what the world of an production will look and feel like. Character design and prop design is also not something I scare away for.

I also ‘do’ final artwork/design. Ranging from illustrations to help with math problems to accommodating children book stories in illustrative pictures. I even do occasional logo and UI design if you ask really nice.


With the years I worked for a wide variety of clients. Here’s a selection to give you an idea.

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