Worldbuilding in Animation: 1. Breaking down the source.

A Brief Introduction

Hi! I’m an art director and designer from Amsterdam. I’ve spend most of my time as a professional artist the past decade on creating set design for animation features and series. In this article series I’d like to explain a bit what I do, which I hope will prove insightful for those (starting) in the animation industry in any designing capacity.

Design a whole iceberg, not just the tip.

Good set design goes much deeper then just painting pretty backgrounds. The way I’d like to work on creative projects is to think of the film, series or... Read more »


A new illustrated children’s picture book

Hi! How are you all doing in these weird times?

What’s up and coming? A new series, a very exciting stop motion feature I did design for and… a new picture book called Ferry written by Kendrick Delany and completely illustrated by me. 

Telling the story of Ferry, a boy that is left on an island by his uncle to learn how to swim… but his teacher turns out to be pretty unconventional…

It’s still unclear when it will be in the shelves (and where) but it’s in the making!

On background art 1


If you’re new to this site: Hi! I’m a Dutch art director and concept artist and I spend most of my time working on a variety of creative projects in animation, education and business. It’s really interesting stuff I would love to share with the world all the time, but unfortunately a lot of what I make involves information my clients consider pretty sensitive, so I usually can’t. Still, I’d love to share some of my insights and fascinations with you – my dear readers (hopefully there’s more than one of you). I plan to blog whenever I find the... Read more »